Transcript Request FAQs

Grand Valley provides official paper transcripts free of charge. Electronic official transcripts are offered for a processing fee of $2.68 per transcript.

Yes, when requesting paper transcripts please limit your request to 10 copies per request.

All paper transcript requests are processed within 24 hours. 

However, for students who attended before GVSU assigned myBanner accounts and request official electronic transcript through Transcript Ordering Services additional processing time may be required.

Electronic Transcript Request

To request an electronic transcript, log into your student records through your myBanner account.  Requesting through your myBanner account is fast and easy.  For help with your myBanner account, please contact Records at 616-331-3327.

If you attended before GVSU assigned myBanner accounts, you can gain access to your myBanner account by contacting Records at 616-331-3327. 

An alternative for students who attended before GVSU assigned myBanner accounts is to request your official electronic transcript through Transcript Ordering Services.  Additional processing time may be required.

Paper Transcript Request

You may submit your request  of a paper transcript via myBanner, fax, or mail. We accept scanned copies of the Transcript Request Form via email as long as it contains the student's original signature. Email requests may be submitted to [email protected].

Email, fax, and mail can only be used to request paper transcripts; all requests for electronic transcripts must be done online.

Yes, paper transcripts must remain sealed and unopened to be considered official.

Yes, if the transcript is unopened and restrictively stamped/sealed.

If you have additional questions about transcript requests please contact the Registrar's Office.

Page last modified July 25, 2019