Registration and Drop/Add Methods

Online Registration

1. Go to myBanner and log in using your G# and PIN
2. Select the Student tab > Registration
3. Select 'Add or Drop Classes'

Click here for a short video on how to register for classes.

Registrations and Drop/Adds will also be accepted in person, according to the academic calendar, at any of our Student Assistance Centers (Allendale, Grand Rapids Pew Campus, Muskegon, Holland, or the University Center in Traverse City).

Overrides and Registration Holds

Electronic Overrides - If a course requires a registration permit, is closed or prevents registration based on major, class, prerequisite etc., contact the department offering the course to request an electronic override. Once the electronic override is entered into the Banner system, you can register. The issuance of an electronic override does not automatically register you in the course.

Linked Courses - When registering for a class that requires multiple pieces (lecture, discussion, lab), you must register for all the linked pieces simultaneously. Click on the section's course reference number (CRN) to determine which additional pieces are needed. If you do not register for all the required pieces or if you attempt to register for pieces that are not linked to one another, you will receive a 'LINK ERROR' message. If you perform an incomplete registration for a linked course and register for a lab only, your lab will be dropped.

Duplicate Registration - Students who register for the same class in multiple future semesters will be dropped from the class(es) for all subsequent terms.

Financial hold - Contact Student Accounts at (616) 331-2209 to resolve your account balance and have the hold lifted.

Advisor Approval hold - Meet with your advisor to develop a class schedule. Obtain the signature of your advisor on a registration drop/add form and submit it to a Student Assistance Center to have the hold lifted.

Course Withdrawals

A student may withdraw from a course and receive a grade of W when a completed Registration and Drop/Add Form is presented to the Registrar or the course is dropped through myBanner by the end of the ninth week.

Late Withdrawal

Students who receive financial aid should consult the Financial Aid Office before withdrawing from any of their courses.

Students who do not withdraw before the ninth week must accept a grade other than W depending on the instructor’s judgment of their performance in the course(s) and any mitigating circumstances.

Undergraduate students who request an exception of the withdrawal deadline due to extenuating circumstances must present the following to the director of the Student Academic Success Center:

1. Explanation of appeal
2. Registration and Drop/Add Form signed by their professor and department chair
3. At least one statement of support from the professor or department chair

Undergraduate students should continue attending class until notification of a final decision about their appeal is received.

Degree seeking graduate students who request an exception of the withdrawal deadline due to extenuating circumstances must present the following to the Dean of the college that houses their program of study. Non-degree graduate students must gather the same documentation (listed below) but it should be submitted to the Dean of Graduate Studies for approval.

1. Explanation of appeal
2. Registration and Drop/Add Form signed by their professor and graduate program chair
3. At least one statement of support from the professor or department chair

Graduate students should continue attending class until notification of a final decision about their appeal is received. If an appeal is approved and signed by the Dean, the student is responsible for submitting the required paperwork with approvals to the Registrar’s office for the course to be dropped.

Complete Withdrawal from Grand Valley State University

Students withdrawing from Grand Valley after the withdrawal deadline must submit a Complete Withdrawal Form to the Registrar’s Office. Any refunds will be based on the date the completed form is received by the Registrar’s Office.

Students in good standing who wish to return to Grand Valley after an absence of two or more semesters should contact the Registrar’s Office to update their records and be activated to register for classes.

For additional questions withdrawing from classes throughout the academic year please email the Registrar’s Office or call (616) 331-3327.



Winter 2014


Tuition Payment Deadlines


Register or add between March 18 and December 13

Payment Due: December 13 at 5:00 PM

Register or add between December 16 and January 3

Payment Due: January 3 at 5:00 PM

Register or add between January 6 and January 10*

Payment Due: January 10 at 5:00 PM

Tuition Refund Deadlines


Last Day for 100% Refund**

January 10 at 5:00 PM

Last Day for 75% Refund**

January 31 at 5:00 PM

*Subject to a $50 late registration fee.

**The posted refund deadlines apply to courses that meet the entire semesters. Classes that meet for only part of the semester have different refund deadlines. Please contact the Registrar's Office for more information.

Please note:

  • Course registrations may be canceled for failing to pay by the posted deadlines. If you do not plan to attend, please withdraw from your classes to avoid misunderstandings and to allow another student access to your seat.
  • Pay by Credit Card via myBanner or by calling the Student Accounts Billing Hotline: (616) 331-2209




























Prerequisite Information

Grand Valley State University is committed to student retention, and the successful completion of courses is crucial to this effort. Satisfying prerequisite requirements greatly enhances the likelihood of passing courses, particularly those in the upper division. Students who attempt to register for a course and fail to meet the prerequisites will see a PREREQUISITE NOT MET error message at the time of registration. The course will not be added to the student's schedule. In order to register, students should address all questions regarding prerequisites to the academic department. This list provides contact information for our academic departments.

Not sure how to tell if a course has a prerequisite? Watch this tutorial.

Click here for information on math placement and math prerequisite information.


Registration errors in myBanner

Information about common registration errors can be found here.

Unsure of your date to register? Click here for directions on how to find your assigned registration date in myBanner.

Need to find out who to contact to request a registration override? Click here.


Prerequisite Procedure to Remove a Student from a Course

If a student does not meet a prerequisite due to withdrawal or failure of a previous course, he or she must withdraw from the course requiring the prerequisite. It is the responsibility of the faculty/department to notify students accordingly.

The Deans' office will be provided reports of students who have failed the prerequisite checking process. They will notify the student within one day of receiving the report and request the student drop the course or appeal to the department for approval to remain in the course. The student will have five days to respond by either dropping the course or appealing. If the student fails to respond, the Deans' office will instruct the Registrar to drop the student. Upon receipt of this notification, the Registrar will notify the student that the course has been dropped.

Click here for a list of Banner prerequisite helpful hints.


Advance Registration Schedule

Note: Registration Dates are based on earned credits plus Winter 2014 attempted credits.

RETURNING GRADUATE (All graduate levels)
March 17
March 18
SENIOR (85+ Credits)
Last Name A-L: March 18
Last Name M-Z: March 19
JUNIOR (55-84 Credits)
Last Name P-Z: March 20
Last Name A-G: March 21
Last Name H-O: March 24
SOPHOMORE (25-54 Credits)
Last Name S-Z: March 25
Last Name A-E: March 26
Last Name F-K: March 27
Last Name L-R: March 28
FRESHMAN (0-24 Credits)
Last Name A-D: March 31
Last Name E-J: April 1
Last Name K-N: April 2
Last Name O-S: April 3
Last Name T-Z: April 4
Begins April 5
Begins April 5
At Orientation

Advisor Approval: Undergraduates who are in other than good standing must obtain the signature of their advisor. All students are encouraged to discuss program choices with their advisor.





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