Registration and Drop/Add Methods

Online Registration

1. Go to myBanner and log in using your G# and PIN
2. Select the Student tab > Registration
3. Select 'Add or Drop Classes'

Click here for a short video on how to register for classes.

Registrations and Drop/Adds will also be accepted in person, according to the academic calendar, at any of our Student Assistance Centers (Allendale, Grand Rapids Pew Campus, Muskegon, Holland, or the University Center in Traverse City).

Electronic Overrides - If a course requires a registration permit, is closed or prevents registration based on major, class, prerequisite etc., contact the department offering the course to request an electronic override. Once the electronic override is entered into the Banner system, you can register. The issuance of an electronic override does not automatically register you in the course.

Linked Courses - When registering for a class that requires multiple pieces (lecture, discussion, lab), you must register for all the linked pieces simultaneously. Click on the section's course reference number (CRN) to determine which additional pieces are needed. If you do not register for all the required pieces or if you attempt to register for pieces that are not linked to one another, you will receive a 'LINK ERROR' message. If you perform an incomplete registration for a linked course and register for a lab only, your lab will be dropped.

Duplicate Registration - Students who register for the same class in multiple future semesters will be dropped from the class(es) for all subsequent terms.

Financial hold - Contact Student Accounts at (616) 331-2209 to resolve your account balance and have the hold lifted.

Advisor Approval hold - Meet with your advisor to develop a class schedule. Obtain the signature of your advisor on a Registration Drop/Add Form and submit it to a Student Assistance Center to have the hold lifted.  Click here for a short video on how to locate your advisor in Banner. 

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