Philosophy Major

Career Opportunities

There are close connections between aspects of philosophy and most careers. For example, the study of ethics is essential for medicine, law, engineering, teaching, counseling, business and many other careers. Legal and political philosophies are essential to law and public service. Philosophy of Science has a bearing on the social and natural sciences. The philosophy of art, literature and film relates to journalism, visual broadcasting and the performing arts. Knowledge of the history of ideas, familiarity with logical thinking and creative problem-solving and skills of abstraction and judgement are assets in any career.

Philosophy Major

Requires 30 credit hours. See the Philosophy Major Study Plan for more details or contact us via email at


Philosophy Major Study Plan

A total of 30 credits of Philosophy with a minimum 2.0 GPA are required for this degree.

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To view and download the Philosophy Major Study Plan click the link below.


Philosophy Minor

Philosophy Minor


There over 100 students currently minoring in Philosophy

A philosophy minor requires only 18 hours of philosophy, with at least 6 credits being upper-level courses. 

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