The Undergraduate Teaching Apprenticeship Program

The program is directed toward philosophy majors planning to attend graduate school, and is designed to provide an opportunity for selected students to apprentice in teaching philosophy. For such students, experience in this aspect of the practice of philosophy is an important complement to the undergraduate major. When thoughtfully planned and used, the teaching apprentice's presence in and out of the classroom will help students taking introductory courses to gain a fuller understanding of philosophy. At the same time, the apprentice's communication, writing and reading comprehension skills will be strengthened.

The teaching apprentice will be an unpaid position. Credit will be awarded for work consistent with the Grand Valley State University policy on internships. Credit may be earned for no more than two semesters. Renewal shall be contingent on satisfactory performance, as reflected in evaluations.

Responsibilities of the teaching apprentice

  1. Prepare for and attend assigned class regularly.
  2. Set up and facilitate a study session once a week.
  3. Participate in facilitating discussions.
  4. Be available to assist students in developing papers.
  5. Assist the instructor with tasks related to administration and course mechanics.

Qualifications for teaching apprentice

  1. Must exhibit an appreciation and enthusiasm for philosophy and be a philosophy major.
  2. Must be a student in good standing at the university, and have completed 18 credits in philosophy with a grade point average of 3.3 in philosophy courses.

Procedures for application

  1. Submit a brief written statement explaining how this apprenticeship will contribute to the apprentice's education.
  2. Submit a sample philosophy paper.
  3. Submit a recommendation from a member of the philosophy department, preferably the member in whose course the student will apprentice.

Page last modified August 21, 2022