Student Learning Outcomes

What are Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)?

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Grand Valley State University uses Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) as the primary measure of assessment within each academic program. 

"Student learning outcomes (SLOs), are statements that specify what students will know, be able to do or be able to demonstrate when they have completed or participated in a program/activity/course/project. Outcomes are usually expressed as knowledge, skills, attitudes or values" (Canada College).

SLOs are measurable statements of the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and habits of mind that students acquire as a result of the learning experience. SLOs define the fundamental student learning competencies for a program. SLOs focus on learning outcomes (content mastery, skills) that students should know or be able to demonstrate upon completion of the program.

To learn more about Student Learning Outcomes for students of Philosophy visit the following link:  Philosophy Student Learning Outcomes

Page last modified August 21, 2022