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 TUESDAYS from 5:30 - 7:00 P.M.

Location: MAK A1-111

This Tuesday, October 16



Description: When it comes to national identity and stability, how important is “tradition”? The answer to this question likely depends on who you ask—a progressive or Left-leaning individual will probably value tradition less than a more conservative or Right-leaning person will. For the Right in particular, concern about the future of “Western civilization” (and a desire to preserve it) is becoming a more common talking point. At this week’s PHI Club meeting, we’ll look to understand what values/traditions are associated with “Western civilization” and discuss the role these have played, do play, and even ought to play in a liberal democratic society. We hope to examine the moral and psychological roots of tradition, in an effort to form an understanding of why many people are fearful of (and even rigidly opposed to) departing from these norms. We hope to see you there!

You can click the link to access a short piece on tradition by the philosopher Alisdair MacIntyre, which we will use as a starting point for our discussion.  click here


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Zach Tenney, President, GVSU Philosophy Club 

Professor Andrew Spear

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