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Philosophy Club Meeting

DATE: Thursday, February 22, 2024

TIME:  6 PM-7 PM

LOCATION:  Mackinac Hall B-1-138






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GVSU Philosophy Club

 Academic Year 2023-2024

Club President: Carver Claeys 

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Winter 2024

All GVSU students are welcome!

Hello All,


This week in philosophy club, we'll be discussing the Plato dialogue, Theaetetus, where Plato addresses the question of "What is knowledge?" Ever wonder where this "justified true belief" saying comes from? This is the culprit! One of the more interesting facts about this dialogue is that we are ultimately left without a confident definition from Plato but still gain insight into the nature of the issue from the way he explores it. A dialogue is easier to digest (but can still have its challenges) compared to a meaty treatise, but if the dialogue is too much to manage given that midterms are upon us, then there is also the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy entry that I shall put below. The rigors of collegiate existence affect us all, so feel free to come to the club even if you don't have the energy for the Stanford entry. Our meeting will be on Thursday, February 22nd from 6 to 7 PM in Mackinac Hall B-1-138. As always, all majors, minors, and undeclared folk are welcome. See you then!




Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy on Theaetetus


- Carver Claeys, GVSU Philosophy Club President


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