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GVSU Philosophy Club

 Academic Year 2020-2021

Zach Tenney, President 

Andrew Spear, Philosophy Faculty Member

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DATE: THURSDAY, APRIL 22nd, from 5:30 - 7 P.M.


DESCRIPTION: Hello philosophers! I don't typically write these announcements in the first person, but this time is a little special. My name is Zach Tenney, and I've served as the President of the Philosophy Club for three years, as Vice President for one, and was a general participant the year before that, as a freshman who philosophy saved from a lifetime of ignorance and naivete. And now, my time at GVSU is coming to an end, as I prepare to graduate and move on to the next phase of my life. This week's PHI Club meeting will be my last, at least as President and as a GVSU student. To celebrate my 5 year tenure with the club (and almost as long a tenure as a philosophy major), I am asking the biggest question of all: what does all of this, our lives here in this vast universe, mean? And I am encouraging all attendants to spend the week thinking of an answer. If you're a philosophy major, you've probably thought a bit about this; if you aren't, you may have thought about it too and wish to take a crack at it. I know what my answer is, and I'll be sharing that during the meeting. Unlike our usual meetings, there is no article to read. The plan is simply to hold a fun conversation as philosophers and people interested in philosophy and/or the meaning of life. All philosophy majors, minors, and faculty are encouraged to attend, as well as any other interested students. I do not look forward to saying goodbye, but I do look forward to seeing you there!

Zoom: For zoom link, contact Zach Tenney