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GVSU Philosophy Club

 Academic Year 2022-2023

Club President: Grant Harrison [email protected]

Jeffrey Byrnes, Philosophy Faculty member

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Andrew Spear, Philosophy Faculty Member

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Fall 2022

All GVSU students are welcome!


Time: Thursday,  October 6 at 6:00 PM

Location:  Mackinac Hall B1138 (NOTE: NEW LOCATION)

 Topic: Specific Features of Human Nature


For the next meeting Professor David Vessey will be joining us to take a look at specific features of human nature described below. Do note the room change to B1138 MAK

Description: Adam Smith argues that we are not naturally solely self-interested, but if we want to develop distinctive talents, we can do that best if there are markets set up such that, out of self-interest, we can sell or barter what we create. This week we're going to discuss and debate Smith's view of human nature--for example, that we have a natural propensity to "truck, barter, and exchange," a propensity other animals lack--and how he thinks buying and selling on the market can enable us to flourish in ways we couldn't otherwise.

In preparation for the discussion you can read Chapter 2 of Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations:

All GVSU students are welcome to join us!



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