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Welcome to the Philosophy Department

The Department of Philosophy is part of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences  and offers both a Major and a Minor in Philosophy.

The Department counts 21 full-time faculty members working in a variety of specialties.

The Department's international faculty is made of active scholars who are committed to undergraduate education. They are at Grand Valley to share their expertise in a wide variety of philosophical schools, national traditions, historical periods, and specialized areas of philosophical work.

The curriculum is designed to provide a foundation of solid understanding of the history of philosophy, but also to encourage students to pursue work in their own areas of interest. Formal coursework is only one part of the Philosophy student's education. Since inquiry and study are most fruitful when conducted in a vital community of fellow scholars, the Department is committed to offering a number of excellent learning opportunities that go beyond traditional classroom structures.


Join Professor Ni in this unique opportunity to study Philosophy in a school in China.

Study Abroad China GVSU 2019

For More Information on How to Apply



Colloquium Series and Calendar of Events

GVSU Philosophy Colloquium Series Begins September 21

Philosophy Department will begin Colloquium Series September 21.

Gathering will take place in BLL110 MAK from 3:00pm-4:30pm

Ability Kinds

Will be presented by...


Ryan Hebert, GVSU Philosophy Department

Professor Hebert is a GVSU alumnus and is teaching classes this semester in the GVSU Philosophy Department

News Feed

Ethic Bowl Team Begins

More than 100 colleges and universities throughout the US participate in the Ethics Bowl competitions around the country. Last year, Grand Valley participated for the first time. It was so successful that, under the guidance of Philosophy professor, Ronald Loeffler, Grand Valley is putting together another Ethics Bowl Team to compete in either Chicago or Indianapolis in November.

To learn more about this about you can be part of the Ethics Bowl team,  contact Ronald Loeffler via email:

Ethics Bowl Participants 2017=18

Recently Published Book by Philosophy Professor Stephen Rowe



Two Americas: Liberal Education & the Crisis of Democracy by Stephen C. Rowe has just recently been published. 

John B. Cobb, Professor Emeritus of Claremont School of Theology and Claremont Graduate University says about the book:

"Stephen Rowe, has been for decades a most astute observer of American culture. With Two Americas he makes the case that the primary problems (and opportunities) of the contemporary university are due to a conflict of cultures... In these essays, Rowe provides a profound way of understanding and moving in the turmoil of the tectonic cultural shift that marks our time" 


Two AmericasRoweImage of Bookcover

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