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The Department of Philosophy is part of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and offers both a Major and a Minor in Philosophy.

The Department counts 21 full-time faculty members working in a variety of specialties, who are active scholars committed to undergraduate education. They share their expertise in a wide variety of philosophical schools, national traditions, historical periods, and specialized areas of philosophical work.

The curriculum is designed to provide students with a foundation in the history of philosophy and also to encourage students to pursue work in their own areas of interest. Formal coursework is only one part of the Philosophy student's education. Since inquiry and study are most fruitful when conducted in a vital community of fellow scholars, the Department is committed to offering a number of excellent learning opportunities that go beyond traditional classroom structures.

Ethics, Practical Reasoning, Agency: Sellars' Practical Philosophy

August 12-13, 2021

Grand Valley State University PEW Campus

Keynotes/Invited Speakers:

Allan Gibbard (Emeritus, University of Michigan)

Danielle Macbeth (Haverford College)

Willem A. DeVries (University of New Hampshire)

James R. O’Shea (University College, Dublin)







Confirmed Speakers:

Stefanie Dach (University of West Bohemia, Pilsen).

Kyle Ferguson (New York University)

Zachary Gabor (Harvard University)

Jeremy R. Koons (Georgetown University Qatar)

Ronald Loeffler (Grand Valley State University)

Preston Stovall (University of Hradec Králové)

Nicholas Tebben, (Towson University)

Heath White (University of North Carolina, Wilmington)




w. Sellars' Pic

. . . the fundamental principles of a community, which define what is ‘correct’ or ‘incorrect’, ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, ‘done’ or ‘not done’ are the most general common intentions of that community with respect to the behavior of members of the group.

Wilfrid Sellars, Philosophy and the Scientific Image of Man

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Philosophy Department News

Mind Ecologies: New Book Publication

October 15, 2020

Matthew Crippen, a visiting professor in the GVSU Department of Philosophy (pictured in photo), co-authoring with Jay Schulkin, a behavioral neuroscientist, offer an innovative interdisciplinary theory of mind in their newly published book.

Announcing New Practical Ethics Minor

March 23, 2020

Students can add a complementary credential to any GV program they are majoring in.

GVSU Philosophy Student Accepted to Johns Hopkins

February 11, 2020

Ms. Jennifer Spiller accepted and getting ready to graduate from Johns Hopkins.

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Featured Alumni

Alumnus Emily McKenna

February 12, 2020

Artist, Faculty Member and Program Coordinator of Art Center

Alumnus Jessica Lefort

February 12, 2020

Alumnus Joins Legal Practice Program

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