Center for Health Sciences - Room Information


Room Type-Seating Style


Mercantile Bank of West Michigan - CHS 136

Conference Room - Board Room - Fixed Table


Jack H. Miller Conference Room  - CHS 140

Conference Room- Executive Board - Fixed Table


Chris & Joan Panopoulos Conference Room - CHS 240

Conference Room - Board Room - Mobile tables)


Hauenstein Conference Room - CHS 440

Conference Room - Board Room - Mobile Tables)


Varnum Conference Room - CHS 536

Conference Room - Board Room - Fixed Table


Robert & Sharon Grooters Conference Room - CHS 540

Conference Room - Board Room-Fixed Table


Center for Health Sciences Instructional Spaces

Instructional space is space whose primary purpose is for academic classes.  Instructional Spaces at CHS include Seminar Rooms, Classrooms, Computer Labs, and Departmental Labs.
Instructional space cannot be confirmed until after drop/add for the semester.  Please note that no classrooms or computer labs are available during exam weeks. 
Please contact the registrars office at 331-3327 if the room is needed for the primary purpose of teaching. 
If the room is needed for meeting purposes other than classes, please contact Conference and Event Planning Services at 616-331-5807 or e-mail

Center for Health Sciences Use of Lobby Space

at least five days prior to the event.  This form requires the signature of the organization's president.  



Virtual EMS

Virtual EMS is an online reservation system that allows on campus organizations/departments to make their own reservations.

When using Virtual EMS in Internet Explorer 8.0, the browser will only work after you press the compatibility button located on the right side of the web address.

How to Request a Room?

Online requests are only select spaces on Pew Campus--DeVos, Bike, Center for Health Sciences.  If you would like to request space in other locations on Pew Campus not listed in EMS Virtual, please contact Conference & Event Planning at 616-331-6624 for DeVos/Bike, or 616-331-5807 for Center for Health Sciences.

Creating an account for Virtual EMS:

Go to VirtualEMS website

  1. Choose "My Account"
  2. Choose "Create an Account"
  3. Fill in the form


Below is a How To for using Virtual EMS:

Go to VirtualEMS website

  1. Hover the mouse over “Reservations” and click on “Room Request”
  2. Fill in the sections with the information for your event:
    • Date: Fill in your desired date(s). Online requests must be made 48 hours in advance
    • Time: Fill in the time of your event. DO NOT include setup/teardown time. Event Services will add setup/teardown time based on what is need for your event
    • Building: Please select the building that you would like you event to be held in
    • Attendance: Indicate how many people will be in attendance for you event. This allows Virtual EMS to filter rooms based on your needs.
  3. Once you have filled in all of the appropriate fields click “Continue”
  4. A list of available rooms will appear on the right side of the screen.
  5. You can select a specific room, as you are submitting a room request which will place a hold on the space.
  6. After you view room availability choose the "details" tab and fill in all of fields with your event information. Please note: If you have no "clients" in the client pull down, simply click on the magnifying glass, type in your student organization or department then choose the appropriate client name.
    • Event Name:
    • Event Type: Select the type of event it will be: Meeting, Dinner, Informational Table, Fundraiser, etc.
    • Customer(s)
      • 1st Contact: Please enter your first and last name
      • Phone: Please enter a phone number where you can be reached
      • Fax: if available
      • Email: Please enter an email that you check regularly where we can send a confirmation outlining the details of your reservation
      • 2nd Contact: This is only needed if you have two (2) contacts for the event or if you would like a second party copied on correspondence with regard to this event
  7. Once all fields are filled in click “Submit.”

After you submit:

  • Confirmation of your request is based on availability at the time of processing at Conference & Event Planning.  ***Submission does not guarantee a reservation***
  • If you do not receive a confirmation within 72 business hours please check to be sure that your submission was not declined due to lack of availability.

Thank you!