Theoretical Mathematics


The Theoretical Mathematics Major is offers broad training in mathematics to provide a foundation for understanding and utilizing mathematical concepts, techniques, and skills in a wide range of settings. In addition to studying several semesters of calculus and at least two semesters of linear algebra, students in this major take proof-focused courses such as Communicating in Mathematics, Modern Algebra, and Real Analysis. With many options for electives, students can pursue their own mathematical interests while encountering a variety of important classical courses that form the pillars of theoretical mathematics. Students also gain experience with skills needed for research in mathematics, including abstract reasoning, creativity, and pursuing open-ended questions. One option for the capstone of the Theoretical Mathematics Major is MTH 496 - Senior Thesis, a course where students conduct research under the supervision of a faculty member and produce  professional-quality oral and written presentations on this research. You can visit the Undergraduate Research page to learn more about research opportunities with faculty. Many students who pursue this major are interested in going on to study mathematics at the graduate level.

Degree Planning for Theoretical Mathematics

Program Requirements

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