MTH 110 Proficiency Test

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Directions to prepare for and take the MTH 110 proficiency test:

  • First, take the MTH 110 practice test at This is a PDF version and does not require the online system.
  • Next watch this video to learn how to take the test online: (the video explains the process for the MTH 110, 122, and 123 proficiency tests).
  • Finally, ensure that you have a strong and stable internet connection, and take the actual online MTH 110 proficiency test: from using your GVSU login and password (which, if you are a new student, was mailed to you shortly after you were admitted to the university). Choose one of the two MTH 110 exams. You can take each version of the exam once for two attempts total.

A score of 22/50 to 33/50 on the MTH 110 proficiency test is needed to demonstrate proficiency in MTH 097 and thus be placed in MTH 110 instead. A score of 34/50 or better is needed to demonstrate proficiency in MTH 110 and thus be ready to take courses with MTH 110 as a prerequisite.

If you earn a score of 34/50 or better on the MTH 110 proficiency test, your email confirmation will direct you to take the MTH 122 and MTH 123 proficiency tests.

If you have taken AP Calculus (even if you haven't taken the official AP test), you need not take the MTH 110 proficiency test. We will update your placement in person on your registration day to MTH 122 & MTH 123 Fulfilled.

Additional information about MTH 097 and MTH 110 and why proficiency testing is important:

MTH 097 (Beginning Algebra) is the prerequisite for MTH 110 (Algebra); MTH 110 is a prerequisite for many other courses on campus including all the courses in the General Education Mathematical Sciences Foundations category. The ACT and SAT do not always measure students' full aptitude and experience. Taking and passing the GVSU MTH 110 proficiency test offers you the opportunity to pass out of MTH 097 and MTH 110 and thus take courses more suited to your mathematical preparation. Taking the test now also makes it less likely you'll need to adjust your class schedule after your registration day. Many students pass the proficiency exam and end up with placement higher than their initial category. 

If you have any questions regarding the math proficiency tests, please contact the Department of Mathematics - Math Proficiency Testing: [email protected] or (616) 331-2040.

Page last modified January 10, 2022