Applied Mathematics


The Applied Mathematics Major trains students to use mathematics to model, analyze, and solve applied problems in such wide-ranging professional fields as business, industry, government, and science. Students in this major learn to develop mathematical descriptions of phenomena in the world around us, to use tools from calculus, differential equations, and linear algebra to build these descriptions, and to clearly and effectively communicate their findings to a wide audience. Many required courses place an emphasis on computing, including Linear Algebra 2, Operations Research, and Numerical Analysis. The capstone, MTH 498 - Project-based Applied Mathematics, is a course in which teams of 4-5 students are paired with client partners from the West Michigan community and spend the semester applying their mathematical training to solve one or more important mathematical problems that the client is facing. MTH 498 provides students an internship-like experience and is great preparation for a career after graduation. See this MTH 498 Guide created by a former student.


Degree Planning for Applied Mathematics

Program Requirements

The official catalog description of the Applied Mathematics Major.

Degree Checklist 

This checklist helps you keep track of fulfilled requirements and the courses you've taken.

Curriculum Guides

These guides display the order/semesters you should take courses to complete your degree in 4 years, depending on your first math course.

Course offering plan

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