Supporting Students’ Scholarly Activities

2019 Student Research

One of the goals of the mathematics department is to provide “high-impact educational experiences” to all of our students. High-impact educational experiences help students make the most of their studies in college and further develop their learning and thinking skills. Undergraduate research is one example of a high-impact educational experience and our department offers many such research opportunities.

Another high-impact activity is attending conferences and workshops. Conference attendance is an activity professionals engage in regularly to keep up with advances in their field and learn from peers. It is thus important to help students become familiar with conference settings, and to meet other students and leaders in their field. Even better, being a presenter at one of these conferences help students become future leaders in their fields. A current GV student who attended the Joint Mathematics Meetings (JMM) recently describes their experience by saying, “Going to JMM really showed me what it's like to be involved in the mathematical community. There was always at least one person that had similar interests within the field of mathematics. I know that I benefit from attendance because with every friend I make, there will be a new avenue of math to discover.”

Over the years, the GVSU math department has consistently supported student conference attendance at multiple Joint Mathematics Meetings, the Nebraska Conference for Undergraduate Women in Mathematics, MathFest, National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Annual Conference, conferences in specific fields, local conferences, and even international conferences. Students can usually combine the support from Office of Undergraduate Research and Scholarship conference funds and Pi Mu Epsilon travel support to minimize their out-of-pocket costs. In the past, students have also qualified for funding from the Mathematical Association of America, although those funds are no longer available. In order to help more of our students take advantage of these high-impact experience of completing research, or attending and/or presenting at a conference, last year the department established the new “Mathematics Student Research Endowment” fund. The purpose of the fund is “to support students majoring in mathematics in their engagement in research and other scholarly activities, and pursuit of graduate school admittance for further research work.”

Please consider supporting our amazing students by contributing to this fund.  Any amount will be greatly appreciated, by our students and faculty alike.

We also encourage you to update your information with the Alumni Association. Up-to-date contact information enables the university at large and the math department in particular to stay in contact with you.

We are excited to have an ever-growing number of our students engaging in research, participating in conferences and workshops, and pursuing new opportunities as they develop into leaders and scholars. The new Mathematics Student Research Endowment Fund is one way that anyone who wishes to contribute to student development can offer tangible support.

Page last modified April 5, 2019