The Laker Store offers discounts on software for students so make sure to check out their deals when you are thinking about your technology needs. 


Click here for download instructions

  • Office 365 is available for FREE for personal computers/devices for qualifying GVSU students and employees
    • Full-time, part-time, adjunct, affiliate and visiting employees qualify
    • Retirees, Temp call-in and part-time maintenance/grounds/service employees do not qualify
    • Enrolled students
  • Login with your GVSU email and password and download the software here
  • Download the software on your personal computers not a GVSU owned one
  • Mobile versions can be found in the appropriate app stores
  • Each account includes licenses for up to 5 computers and mobile devices


Click here for instructions.

  • Faculty/staff and students can download SPSS 20, 22, 24, and 25 on personal computers.
  • Visit the HelpDesk Self Service Portal to get a code. In the Self Service Options box click Request an SPSS code
  • Faculty/Staff members may request a copy for their office machine by contacting the IT HelpDesk.


Getting Started with Qualtrics

Qualtrics Tips and Tricks

  • Qualtrics is a web-based survey creation, collection, and analysis software tool. Can be used for the creation of open surveys, targeted (panel) surveys, and open polling. 
  • Qualtrics software is available to all GVSU faculty/staff/students as a site license, centrally funded.


Other Software

Faculty/staff and students have the ability to download and install SAS 9.3 to their personal computers.

You can find information on how to download and install the program.

Antivirus software and Juno Pulse is available to all GVSU Students, Faculty and Staff on their personal computers. All downloads will require authentication with your network ID and password.

Determine what applications you can use to manage your PDF files.

Determine if you need to purchase Adobe Acrobat Pro.

If you need Adobe Acrobat Pro to create fillable PDF's or manipulate PDF's, contact the Technology Supply Office to purchase a copy.

Free or Low-Cost PDF Converter Options is an All-in-one online PDF Solution and will let you preform many of the popular functions found in Adobe Acrobat. The program will allow you use 2 of its functions an hour, every hour, for free. CutePDF Editor is a cloud-based PDF application that makes it easy for you to edit any PDF files for FREE. a powerful software tool with many of the Acrobat features. On the site, scroll down and select the colored box with the task you wish to accomplish. You may also participate in the 7-day free trial or purchase of $9 a month. 

The Grand Valley State University mobile app (myGV)provides secure access to your data through your mobile device.

Access grades, course content, communicate, and more - right from the Blackboard App for students and Blackboard Instructor app on your phone or mobile device.

Available on iOS, Android, or Windows.

MAXQDA is available as a one year pilot and can be used by GVSU faculty, staff and students.


Below are links to online computer vendors that offer higher educational discount pricing to students and faculty/staff members at GVSU. Click the links below to review available computers and pricing.

Apple Educational Discounts - Discounts for Apple products

Mac for College - Laker Store Mac section 

Lenovo Academic Purchase Program - Discounts on Lenovo products


Discounts on Dell products

GVSU Lake Technology Store  Located on the Allendale Campus in the Bookstore