Located in room 012 of the Atrium in the Mary Idema Pew Library Learning and Information Commons, the showcase is an initiative of the Information Technology department that provides faculty, staff, and students with an immersive and engaging environment to: interactdiscoverlearn, and share how innovative emerging technologies can enhance teaching and improve student learning at GVSU. 

Learn more about the showcase in Grand Valley Magazine, GVSU Lanthorn, EdTech MagazineEDUCAUSE Review, and Campus Technology Magazine.

We are on mission to identify innovative technologies that can transform the educational experience at Grand Valley State University.  If you have ideas, suggestions, or comments, please take a moment to contact us!

See you soon in the showcase!


                    “The Showcase is a special place on campus, where my class can explore emerging technologies and
                    trends in innovation.  It supports tinkering, a pedagogy of inquiry.

                    The maker space nurtures the spirit of entrepreneurship.  It’s not just about playing with new devices,
                    it’s about realizing that small improvements lead to significant milestones.  Play is indeed the highest
                    form of research.”

                                            - Dr. Szymon Machajewski, Affiliate Instructor, School of Computing & Information Systems

                    "The technology showcase is amazing. I love that students get a chance to relax and do something
                    that will take away the stress of school." 

                                            - Jakyle, Student, GVSU

                    “Students on the National Student Advertising Competition (NSAC) team are always searching for
                    new ideas to set their campaign apart from the other 150 university teams competing across the nation. 
                    Visiting the Technology Showcase provides inspiration as we seek new ways to communicate fresh
                    ideas to engage the consumer.  The advertising industry is adept at leveraging new tech tools and
                    we are fortunate to have some of those applications right at our fingertips thanks to the Tech Center!” 

                                         - Robin Spring, Advertising/Public Relations, Advisor NSAC Team

                    "I teach an Interactive Studio within a Visual Studies focus in the Department of Visual & Media Arts.
                    Beyond the latest buzzwords and methodologies in user experience (UX) design, we are constantly
                    asking: 'What does it mean to facilitate another person's experience? How do the choice we make
                    in an interactive artwork best serve our intentions for it?' As part of the class, I bring the students to
                    the Atomic Object Technology Showcase, to let them see what sorts of technologies are available.
                    Then, they have to create an hour-long experience meant to engage the population in the library,
                    using those technologies. Students have created games, scavenger hunts, and alternate VR
                    experiences within the Library space. I'm looking forward to a workshop later in the semester
                    with Hunter Bridwell, eLearning digital media developer, where students will learn about
                    developing content for the HoloLens."

                                            - Meghan Beitiks, Visiting Professor, Visual Studies

                    "Every semester I take all of my CIS 150 sections to the Technology Showcase.  To have a place on the
                    GVSU campus where new technology is accessible for Faculty, Staff, and Students is amazing.  The
                    Technology Showcase staff is always willing to do demonstrations and show students how the technology
                    an benefit in studying and future careers.  In addition, as a Faculty member having such new technology
                    right at my fingertips allows for more integration of it in my classroom.  In addition to the visit, I have
                    borrowed technology to showcase in the classroom so students can see hands on what GVSU has to

                                            - Alisha Woodman, M.E.T. Affiliate Professor, School of Computing & Information Systems

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"The future of education will be shaped by our own creativity and imagination as we look to leverage technology in teaching and learning..."

- Eric Kunnen, Associate Director of eLearning and Emerging Technologies

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