Cyber Security

GVSU Cybersecurity Training

  • Two interactive modules, 3-5 minutes each
  • Training is available for GVSU faculty and staff
  • Training is unavailable for student employees

This is a reminder that GVSU Information Technology will update your GVSU device and applications through our controlled management procedures and that you should never click on any email asking you to perform an update or download for GVSU supported enterprise applications.  

Have You Been Phished?

Don’t be a victim.

Learn the red flags of phishing.

Are You Oversharing?

4 out of 5 robbers check their victim’s social media. Don’t be your own inside man.

Learn the dangers of oversharing.

Your Password isn’t Strong Enough.

Find out how to protect yourself from cybercrime.

Learn how to make a strong password.

Page last modified March 25, 2022