Welcome to the GVSU Cyber Safety website! Our goal is to educate our faculty, staff and students to reduce the risk of cybercrime in the workplace as well as our personal lives.  In conjunction with this site and our monthly Cyber Safety newsletter, we will provide information on GVSU best practices, current cybercrime issues, personal tips for home, family and travel as well as providing annual online employee training against cybercrime. 

Cyber Safety at GVSU

GVSU Cyber Safety Training

Cyber Security training is mandatory for all GVSU employees.

Complete or Review your Cyber Security training modules at any time 

  • New employees will receive a notice to take the introductory cyber security training as they come onboard at GVSU
  • Annually, all employees will receive an email for NEW cyber security training modules 


Phishing and Ransomware Cartoon

Password Security

Strong Password Rules

GVSU Data Security

GVSU Data Security

Page last modified February 21, 2018