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Welcome to your GVSU Cyber Safety website where we will keep you updated on best practices for cyber security as it relates to GVSU business and your personal accounts. Our goal is to discuss cyber safety related to the individual and bring awareness to ways you can better protect your GVSU and personal accounts.

Please take note of how you can help the fight against cybercrime!

  1. Protect GVSU data
    • Never store student/employee data on personal devices or local hard drive
    • Use original data from the source when possible, like Banner, and don't duplicate data
    • Delete/purge data/reports when not needed or based off of GVSU Academic Retention Policy
  2. Access to protected data from off campus requires VPN access through Pulse Secure.  Download Pulse Secure onto your computer(s) and once the Pulse Secure application is connected back to GVSU, open a new browser to navigate to the desired service. Learn more about getting connected with VPN.  
  3. Make sure your GVSU laptop is connected to the GVSU wired or wireless network on a monthly basis to receive important security updates
  4. Avoid suspicious email links and attachments.  Report them by forwarding the email to helpdesk@gvsu.edu 
  5. Never enter personal or account information from an email link - GVSU will never request this via an email.

Cyber Security Training

Cyber Security training is mandatory for all GVSU employees.

Complete or Review your Cyber Security training modules at any time 

  • Each fall, new employees will receive a notice to take the introductory cyber security training.
  • During the academic year, all employees will receive an email for NEW cyber security training modules 


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Password Security

Strong Password Rules

GVSU Data Security

GVSU Data Security

Check out the latest Ouch Newsletter from SANS Institute on Password Managers.

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