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The mission of Information Technology is to partner with our community to provide exceptional services, innovative solutions, and resources. We seek to advance learning, teaching, and research in support of the university’s educational mission and strategic priorities. Our Digital (DX) Transformation Strategy was established to guide us in accomplishing these imperatives. 

As part of our effort to provide exceptional service to the university, we have begun the work of revitalizing and transforming the processes and experiences related to IT Services. Work on this project began in December 2022 and will be carried out in phases until all desired outcomes have been achieved. Updates and milestones will be posted on this web page as a reference to the project's progress and university impacts. 

It is with great appreciation that we acknowledge your patience and input as we work to develop and implement superior service at GVSU.

Progress and Implementation Highlights

  • Creation of Ticket Tracker Report
  • Phone Tree Planning and Design
  • Updating Service Level Agreement to Service Commitment Goal
  • Track Ticket Completion to Promise 
  • Resolve Resource Gaps
  • Confirmation of Graduate Assistants
  • Updated Service Ticket Notification Emails:  We've updated the email notifications you receive after submitting a service ticket.
    Benefit: Tracking the status of your ticket is now more user-friendly with a new look and feel. Users will be able to better understand the details of their submitted ticket and the resolution process. 
  • Call for Help Process Set Up and Documentation:  The Call for Help plan outlines scenarios for when the IT Services team has reached its capacity limit and needs assistance from all IT teams to assist with incoming and unassigned tickets.
    Benefit: This will benefit the university as tickets will be resolved faster, even during the busiest periods of the academic year. 
  • Triggers: Developed the definition and documentation of the triggers used to put the "Call for Help" process in motion.
  • New Ticket Triage Process: The updated triage process quickly evaluates the issues reported in the ticket, ensures the ticket has all relevant information, assigns the ticket to the appropriate support group, and resolves the ticket as quickly as possible.
    Benefit: Community members will benefit from this as less time will be spent waiting for tickets to be resolved. 
  • Paused Chat Feature: This feature was previously listed in the ticketing system as an option for interacting with the IT Service Desk However, it was found to be ineffective and required additional steps for a ticket to be resolved.  This tool for communication has been paused and is being reviewed in order to make it more efficient and reliable. 
  • Completion of Kaizen Event and Presentation, December 2, 2022
  • Development of Rollout Tracker and Audit Plan: Klein Consulting provided a Rollout and Audit plan for this initiative.
  • Confirmation of Capacity Model: Klein Consulting provided a formula to use to help identify resource capacity for IT Services.
  • Development of Communication Plan

IT Services Transformation Communications

Transforming the IT Services Process at GVSU
In December 2022, Information Technology and Human Resources collaborated to evaluate and transform the IT Services process at GVSU using Lean methodologies. As a result of this event, a continuous process improvement plan was developed to enhance the operational performance of IT services (e.g., ticketing workflow and issue resolution process) as well as customer satisfaction.  On the final day of the collaboration, an event was held to present the findings and plan to the GVSU community. 

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