GVSU Zoom Plan

GVSU Zoom Plan confirmed license for three more years (June 2024) for all students, faculty, and staff.

GVSU Zoom Plan includes unlimited meetings for up to 300 people.

Webinar meetings are not included in the GVSU Zoom Plan.

Updates & Security

Zoom Security

Weekly Zoom Updates


  • Update to Zoom for G Suite Add-On
  • Mac Outlook Plugin Depreciation Scheduled for May 2021
  • All meetings will require a Waiting Room and Passcode: Meeting hosts will no longer be able to disable the Waiting Room and Passcode option. Users who are not in the GVSU domain will remain in the waiting room until admitted.
  • Guests: Guests will now be identified in meetings and webinars.
  • Cloud Storage: The university cloud storage for recordings and settings maximum is 18 TB. An email alert will be sent when storage goes over 80%. Note: With our university license recordings are deleted by Zoom after 30 days.