Zoom Security

Best Practices for Securing Your Zoom Meetings

  • Utilize your GVSU Zoom account instead of a personal Zoom account. This provides an extra layer of built in security!
  • Do not post the Zoom meeting link and password on social media or other public forums.
  • Generate the Meeting ID automatically. Do not use your Personal Meeting ID (PMI).
  • Assign a co-host to moderate the meeting. Host and Co-Host Controls
    • Designate a volunteer to monitor the room who knows how to disable chat, turn off annotations (drawing capabilities), and how to remove a participant from the meeting.
  • When appropriate: 
    • Enable the Security setting Only authenticated users can join: Sign in to Zoom when creating the meeting. 
      • Attendees are prompted to log into their Zoom account before entering the meeting. 
      • When GVSU attendees are prompted to sign in, they will need to choose Sign In with SSO, enter gvsu-edu as the Company Domain, and enter their GVSU username and password.
    • Setup registration for the meeting
      • Can only be setup through the Zoom Web Portal. Click Sign In and enter your GVSU username and password to log in.
    • We strongly recommend creating a webinar instead of a meeting. You will need to obtain a webinar license.
    • A webinar will give you control over who participates with video, audio, chat, and screen sharing. 

Zoom Security Changes

  • All meetings will require a waiting room for non-GVSU participants: Meeting hosts will no longer be able to disable the option that would allow non-GVSU participants to join without being manually admitted. Users who are not in the GVSU domain or other approved domains will remain in the waiting room until a host or co-host admits them. For more guidance on how to use Meeting Rooms, please view: Zoom Waiting Rooms Tutorial. 
  • All meetings will require a passcode: Passcodes have always been a default with the ability to remove the option upon setting up a meeting.  Meeting organizers will no longer be able to disable the passcode requirement for instant meetings or scheduled meetings. For more guidance on meeting and webinar passcodes, please view: Zoom Passcodes Tutorial.  

Page last modified February 16, 2021