Students and Alumni

David Powell

David Powell is a Planning Technician for the City of Plano Neighborhood Services.

Spencer Wejrowski

Laker Contributes To Affordable Housing Projects In New York City

Jameson Schryer

Jameson Schryer is a GIS Technician for a large electrical coop in the Denver, Colorado area.

Yulia Conley

Yulia Conley, has been accepted to University of Oxford.

Carolyn Ulstad

Holland's Sustainability Rockstar Protects Environment, Attracts New Residents

Ethan Mulnix

Ethan Mulnix is Vice President, Co-Founder and Department Head of Research for JWSevereWeather storm chase team.

Mitchell Noworolnik

Mitchell Noworolnik attended USVQ summer program.

Melissa Salich

Melissa is a GIS Specialist at Fishbeck, Thompson, Carr & Huber (FTCH), an engineering consulting firm.

Nathan Mehmed

Nathan Mehmed is a community planner for Williams & Works in Grand Rapids.

Jeremiah Saier

Jeremiah Saier is a GIS Analyst for Michigan State University.

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