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Nathan Mehmed

Nathan Mehmed

Nathan is a 2012 and 2015 alumnus of Grand Valley State University where he obtained a Bachelor of Science in Geography with an emphasis in City and Regional Planning and a Master of Public Administration with an emphasis in Public Management and Urban and Regional Policy/Planning. He is a member of the International Geographic Honor Society, Gamma Theta Upsilon and the International Honors Society for Public Affairs and Administration, Pi Alpha Alpha.

Nathan currently works as a community planner for the consulting firm Williams & Works in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He specializes in GIS mapping, municipal planning, non-motorized planning, zoning administration, public engagement, and data analysis. Nathan provides technical advising to clients utilizing his diverse educational background in geography, planning, environmental studies, and public administration. Specific project examples include mapping of wastewater and sewer systems, recommendation of community-wide riparian buffer standards, geospatial financial analysis for tax increment financing districts, bicycle planning and design implementation recommendations, comprehensive master plan updates, zoning ordinance rewrites, and planner-of-record consulting.  

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