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Ethan Mulnix

Ethan Mulnix

My name is Ethan Mulnix, and I am Vice President, Co-Founder and Department Head of Research for JWSevereWeather storm chase team. I am currently pursuing a BS degree in Geography with an emphasis in global and environmental development and minoring with a certificate in GIS at GVSU. My educational background and experience provide a great deal of assistance toward the research and development of weather monitoring technologies that could better serve the public.

The JWSevereWeather team has had many accomplishments since early 2013 when the organization was founded. One in particular was the successful deployment of our tornado probe into the Chapman, Kansas tornado in May of 2016. The 360 video within the instruments captured the first ever 360 view within a tornado, and in this case a very strong tornado. JWSevereWeather is also a 501C3 organization and a weather ready nation ambassador for the United States.

I will be graduating with my Geography degree and GIS minor in the spring of 2019. With the help of the Geography department’s faculty and staff here at GVSU, my time has been well spent and full of passion. Every one of the professors have a great background and understanding of the material, especially in the area of climate. After graduation from Grand Valley. What I would like to do in the future with this degree is to conserve state parks and forests. I plan to pursue a masters to future my education particularly in the area of climate change, climate modelling, or how the climate is affecting tornado frequency, duration, and intensity.

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