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Jameson Schryer

Jameson Schryer

My name is Jameson Schryer, and I am a Graduate of the GVSU Geography and Sustainable Planning program. Along with my major, I minored in Environmental Studies and Geographic Techniques, with certificates in Urban Planning and GIS. To supplement my education, I took on internships that involved the creation of sustainable space and promoted environmental awareness, along with GIS centered internships that focused on engineering and construction.

The Geography program taught me much about the intertwined issues that urban areas and the environment share. The coursework teaches students to think: analytically, holistically, and spatially. This program is a great success due to its heavy emphasis in community involvement, which translates into real world experience, which leads to greater knowledge, confidence, and employability.

Today I am a GIS Technician for a large electrical coop in the Denver Colorado area. I build and maintain a GIS based model of an electrical grid that covers multiple counties. The company is one of the biggest users of sustainable energy in the state, and is posed to continue to grow that generation. 

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