GVSU Financial Aid Portal

Portal Account Creation
  • The first time you visit the GVSU Financial Aid Portal you will be asked to confirm your student information.  Your name, G-number, and e-mail address will auto-populate.  Please do not change this information when making your account.  You will be required to input your date of birth and social security number so that we can match your FAFSA record to your student account.  In the event that the information on your FAFSA does not match your student account, you will receive an error when creating your account.  If this occurs, please contact us.


  • If you would like to receive text message reminders, be sure to include your cell phone number to opt-in.


  • If you are a parent of a student, and have a @mail.gvsu.edu e-mail address, please do not use this e-mail address to create your parent account to e-sign any documents that your student needs to be signed by you in their portal.  Please use a Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc. e-mail address.

Submit via the Financial Aid Portal

Active Duty/Veteran Status Verification

Asset Request Form

Dependency Status Appeal

Disability Statement

Household Size Statement

Identity Verification & Statement of Educational Purpose

Tax documentation for verification purposes

Verification of Non-filing Status Forms

Unaccompanied Homeless Youth Determination

Submit via mail, fax, or email

Concurrent Enrollment Forms

Marriage Worksheet

Release of Information Form

Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeals

Scholarship Appeal & Reinstatement Form

Special Circumstances Form

Page last modified August 3, 2023