Brooks College Scholarships and Funds

There are many ways to support the students and programs of the Brooks College of Interdisciplinary Studies.

Students seeking financial support can find information about applying to these and other scholarships at Financial Aid's Scholarship Database.

Brooks College Scholarships

Brooks College Scholarship for Study Abroad: Assists students in the Brooks College or Frederik Meijer Honors College in studying abroad. An endowed fund.

Rowe S3 Fellowship: Student Summer Scholars program with research in Philosophy, Liberal Studies or Religious Studies.

Continuing Education Scholarships

The Grand Forum Scholarship for Continuing Education: Provides financial assistance to persons whose college education was interrupted for one or more reasons and who wish to continue to pursue earning a college degree at Grand Valley State University. An endowed fund.

Margaret "Peggy" Boyce Nontraditional Student Scholarship: This scholarship is intended to encourage and assist Nontraditional students who did not immediately begin pursuing a college degree after graduating high school, and have chosen to pursue a Grand Valley degree in addition to their work and family responsibilities.

Honors College Scholarships and Funds

More information can be found at the Honors College website.

Arend D. and Nancy Lubbers Honors College Scholarship: Benefits exceptional students enrolled in the Frederik Meijer Honors College. An endowed fund.

Callahan Honors Senior Research Program Endowment: Assists students in the Frederik Meijer Honors College with senior project research or work. An endowed fund.

Ruth Chamberlain Global Issues Scholarship: Support for students with a research or career interest in earth changing phenomena and/or population change and identifying solutions to minimize resulting problems. An endowed fund.

Frederik Meijer Honors College Service-Learning Endowment: Provides financial assistance for students and faculty engaged in service-learning activities in the Frederik Meijer Honors College. An endowed fund.

Honors College Service Learning Fund: Helps to subsidize costs for local and global service-learning opportunities for Honors students.

Honors Program Enrichment Fund: Underwrites the cost of field trips and other special educational opportunities for Honors students. An endowed fund.

Jonathan & Marcia White Honors Scholarship: A scholarship for Honors students who are particularly interested in pursuing a career in some aspect of National Security. An endowed fund.

Meijer First Generation Honors Scholarship: Provides "full-ride" scholarships to Honors students who are the first in their immediate family to go to college. An endowed fund.

Integrative Learning Scholarships

Peace and Justice Activist Scholarship: Assists any student completing a degree who can demonstrate, through activity and essay, a devotion to peace, justice, and community. An endowed fund.

Padnos International Center Scholarships and Funds

More information can be found at the Padnos International Center website.

Barbara Padnos International Scholarship: Assists students planning to study abroad for an entire year, with preference given to students studying in the arts and humanities. An endowed fund.

Haiti Scholarship Endowment: Supports "rising stars" from Haitian high schools who, without financial support, would not be able to pursue higher education in the United States. An endowed fund.

Murray International Travel Endowment: Established to provide assistance for international travel to students who would not otherwise be able to afford to study abroad. An endowed fund.

Sustainability Scholarships and Funds

More information can be found at the Sustainability website.

Nichols Sustainability Scholarship: Established to encourage students to become involved with campus and community sustainability efforts and reward those students who are committed to environmental, social and fiscal responsibility. An endowed fund.

Student Sustainability Endowment Fund: Fund provides student sustainable development internships on campus and in the community that focus on environmental, economic and social impacts. An endowed fund.

Sustainability Reinvestment Fund: Fund provides for project support in the form of mini grants and/or mini loans for faculty, staff and students for sustainable development projects both on campus and in the community.

Sustainable Agriculture Project Fund: Fund provides resources to further develop the education and practice of sustainable food systems on a 1 acre plot in Allendale. Established in 2008 for faculty, staff, students, and the local community.

Women and Gender Studies Scholarship

More information can be found at the Women and Gender Studies website.

Jean Enright Women & Gender Studies Scholarship: Established in honor of Jean Enright, this fund benefits students in the Women and Gender Studies program.