Lindsay Ellis

Associate Professor
Department of English

English Education
Director, Lake Michigan Writing Project
Director, Writing Across the Curriculum (SWS)

279 Lake Huron Hall
(616) 331-3473
[email protected]

Lindsay Ellis

ENG 310 Teaching Writing: Secondary
ENG 632 National Writing Project Invitation and Institute
ENG 633 Advanced Writing: Teacher Research
EDI 331 Methods and Strategies for Secondary Teaching

Biography / Research Interests
Lindsay Ellis studies written argumentation, memoirs of schooling, and classroom practice.  She loves not only the logic of arguments but also the use of writing for reflection and the attentiveness of poetry to the natural world. Lindsay has a Ph.D. in English and Education from the University of Michigan and an M.A. in Humanities from the University of Chicago.  She is Professor of English at Grand Valley State University where she directs the Lake Michigan Writing Project, which provides summer institutes on the teaching of writing for K-12 teachers.  Lindsay is also on the boards of the WILD Foundation and the Ellis Foundation, directing grants toward environmental sustainability and schooling.  She is passionate about using writing to help citizens to understand each other, to contextualize their needs within ecosystems of competing interests, and to collaboratively design solutions to meet global challenges. 

Recent Publications

Chanski, Sarah, and Lindsay Ellis. "Which Helps Writers More, Receiving Peer Feedback Or Giving it?" English Journal, vol. 106, no. 6, 2017, pp. 54-60.

Chanski, S., & Ellis, L. (2017). Which helps writers more, receiving peer feedback or giving it? English Journal, 106(6), 54-60.

Rozema, R., & Ellis, L., Eds. (2014) Early Career English Teachers in Action: Learning from Experience, Developing Expertise.  New York, NY: Routledge.

Ellis, L. (2015). A critique of the ubiquity of the Toulmin model in argumentative writing instruction in the U.S.A. In Frans H. van Eemeren and Bart Garssen (Ed.), Scrutinizing Argumentation in Practice. (pp. 201-213). Amsterdam: John Benjamins.

Ellis, Lindsay. "Law and Order in the Classroom: Reconsidering "A Course on Citizenship," 1914." Journal of Peace Education 10.1 (2013): 21-35. Print.

Ellis, Lindsay. "Why does He Want a Dictator? Action Research on Democratic Classroom Decision Making." English Education 45.4 (2013): 385-401. Print. 

Ellis, Lindsay.  “Negotiating Perspectives: Writing as Democratic Citizens in the Classroom.” Language Arts Journal of Michigan 24.2 (2009): 23-28.

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Moje, Elizabeth Birr, Kathryn McIntosh Ciechanowski, Katherine Kramer, Lindsay Ellis, and Rosario Carrillo.  “Looking for the Third Space: Exploring the Intersections of Community and Classroom Discourses.” Reading Research Quarterly 39.1 (2004): 38-70.

Ellis, Lindsay, Anne Ruggles Gere, Jill Lamberton.  “Out Loud: The Common Language of Poetry.”  English Journal. 93.1 (2003): 44-50.

B.A., Wheaton College
M.A., University of Chicago
Ph.D., University of Michigan

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