Computer Recommendations

​​​​​​Deciding on what computer to buy for college is a personal and important decision. The School of Computing has some respective recommendations for what works best in our program. Computing students are considered Power Users, or students who are in frequent use of software, photo or video editing software, or design software. 

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  • Laptops are recommended over desktops.
  • Memory: The more the better, maximize this option within your respective budget.
  • Graphics: ATI or NVIDIA Discrete Graphics Card with 2GB+
  • Hard drive: We recommend at least a 750GB hard drive OR a 256GB hard drive + SS.
  • Battery life is an important factor that you need to consider in your choice.
  • CPU: The faster the better. Multiple-core processors are beneficial. We recommend an i7 Processor or similar.
  • Brand name or platform is up to you.  Regardless whether you choose Macintosh or Windows, you will be able to submit or transfer data files in standard text and MS-Office format.  With either Mac or Windows, you will be able to login via VPN or VM environments and access most of our computing facilities.
Students and instructor working on computers

Page last modified February 6, 2024