On-campus Interviews

On-campus interviews provide employers the opportunity to connect to a highly qualified and diverse student population. By recruiting on-campus, you will forge links to our students and with our faculty and administrators, increasing your employer's image and visibility. On-campus interviews can be scheduled on the Pew Grand Rapids Campus in designated LakerJobs interview rooms, or in various locations on the Allendale Campus.

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Scheduling On-campus Interviews

Use LakerJobs to make scheduling your interviews easier than ever! You can request specific dates, list your opportunities, manage applicants, and connect with students through one interface. To make your request for an on-campus interview:

  • Log in at www.gvsu.edu/lakerjobs/employers
  • Hover over the “My Interview Schedules” menu. Click on “New Schedule Request”.
  • Select a schedule type (refer to scheduling options below).
  • Select preferred interview date(s) and time(s) and the number of rooms you require.
  • Select an existing job or create a new job you want to interview for and identify the application documents you wish to receive from students.
  • Review your information and submit your request.

Scheduling Options

There are many ways to set up your on-campus interviewing schedule.

  • Open Schedule – An open schedule allows any applicant that meets your screening criteria to submit their resume and sign up for an interview time.
  • Preselect Schedule – A preselect schedule allows you to set candidate screening criteria, review resumes and "invite" candidates you select to an interview. Applicants then select their available times to interview.
  • Preselect Continuous - Preselect continuous allows you to review interview requests and make interview decisions on an ongoing basis. Students can sign up as soon as an interview decision has been made for their interview request.
  • Rooms Only - Use rooms only to have us reserve interview rooms. We provide the room to interview and you take care of the rest. This is great option for holding interviews in a short time frame.
  • Resume Collection - This type of schedule does not have a specified interview date and is only used to collect resumes. This is often used when you want to handle interview scheduling on your own or to see what type of interest students might have in the job posting. If enough resumes are collected, you may decide to conduct on-campus interviews (change to a preselect schedule).

Be sure to book your dates early, as this service is very popular. Once your request has been made, we will work to ensure your request is fulfilled and contact you with any additional information. We look forward to working with you to make your on-campus interviews a success!

Questions about on-campus interviews? Contact Azra Causevic: causevaz@gvsu.edu or 616-331-6859.

Page last modified August 24, 2017