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Matea Caluk '09 & '11

I absolutely loved Kleiner late night. I lived in Kistler, and my friend group would spend hours in Kleiner studying, dancing, and joking around. This really shaped my sense of belonging at GVSU.

Melissa Pyle '18

My favorite Grand Valley memory was being in all of the organizations that I was a member of made my time at Grand Valley.

Samantha Allman '20

My favorite Grand Valley memory has got to be every moment in the College of Education. I became so close with my cohort because we took every class together, worked on math proofs, and collaborated on teaching strategies together.

Anne Logan '69

In the winter the campus had a snow sculpture contest, pitting the clubs against each other, I believe in 1966. We won with our ice and snow sculpture of the Lubeck Germany Holstein Gate from the Middle Ages, the entry to the Hanseatic city with a moat.

Takeelia Garrett '96 & '00

My favorite GVSU memory is singing at the football stadium with the Voices of GVSU. That was so much fun even though it was cold.

Scott Morton '07

Studying in the old library with classmates right before finals! The comradery, sharing of ideas, strategies, stories and knowledge made my last year at Grand Valley State my favorite.

Hannah Witte '20

While completing my English major, I felt like I was not a good enough critical thinker and writer compared to my peers, but when I took a class with professor Kurt Bullock, he made me recognize that I actually excel in these areas.

Nathan Axdorff '16

My graduate assistantship provided some very fond memories and experiences. I loved working for GVSU's Career Center, and I made so many lifelong friends in the CSAL program. GVSU was truly a special place that allowed me to excel in my graduate work.

Christine Roberts '12

My favorite GVSU memory is marching in the marching band and winning the division 2 championship.

Christina McElwee '05 & '08

One of my favorite memories from Grand Valley was being a part of the GVSU Dance Troupe. I had never taken any type of organized dance classes prior but soon fell in love with the art of dance. I still dance both recreationally and competitively today.

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