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Jake Vanderheyden '19

My favorite Grand Valley memory was when I proposed to my wife, Valerie, with the Laker Marching Band playing behind us. We met during our freshman year in the LMB and have now been together for almost 9 years.

Olivia Brown '18

Being an RA on campus was such a fun time. Never a dull moment and SO many stories are still talked about. My best friends came out of that experience and we are still close now!

Michael Peuler '77

As I was a military veteran and married when I entered GVSC, I was driven to excel in my education. The professors were excellent and I loved walking the then rough� campus, including ropes to assist on the sidewalks in the winter.

Stephanie Stacey '06

While attending GVSU, I lived on campus and had the opportunity to make lifelong friendships with my assigned roommates. Late-night Meijer, IHOP, and Steak n Shake runs will always make me smile.

Russell Werra '16

My favorite memory at Grand Valley would have to be the many memorable friendships and relationships I was able to build given the nature of the welcoming environment set forth by the university.

Manfred Tatzmann '70

The thrill of being on a new campus where Vietnam protests were as accepted as the traditional West Michigan values. Most important though is meeting my wife and developing lifelong friendships.

Jessica Carlson '09

My roommate was from Chicago and the Bears were in the Superbowl in 2007. The snow did not stop us from bundling up and heading out to Superbowl watch parties along 48th Ave!

Lewis Brody '17

My favorite memory at GVSU is being recognized by BSU as the person who spent the most time in the library for two years.

Erik Elwell '22

My favorite memories from Grand Valley are the football tailgates at Canvas with my friends.

Daniel Zorn '19

I remember tailgating at a Grand Valley playoff game in December while it was snowing. It was a great time and felt special having a home game so late in the season. The best part of Grand Valley was the people.

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