Political Science


Takeelia Garrett '96 & '00

My favorite GVSU memory is singing at the football stadium with the Voices of GVSU. That was so much fun even though it was cold.

Hunter Stephens '22

I love going and supporting our Lakers no matter what sport they are playing. The energy from football games and the Laker pride will always stick with me!

Michael Williams '13

I absolutely loved being a campus tour guide. Nothing beats seeing moms, dads, and/or other family members go from "anxious and worried to send their child off to school" to "comfortable and excited."

Melissa Harris '06

The years have changed most of my memories into fond ones, including walking from my dorm to my class with wet hair that was frozen solid by the time I crossed Little Mac.

Kate Marsh '20

My favorite memory from Grand Valley would have to be the shows I did with my improv team Subject to Change. I can not express how amazing it was to find a group of like minded, hilarious, and amazing friends!

Robert Zinger '12

I have fond memories of spending time in nature at GVSU while hiking the ravines for samples and measurements during the NRM course called The Climatic Factor as well as during the Rowing I course I finally got enrolled in my senior year.

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