Julie Stivers '72

Exploring the ravines.

Melissa Pyle '18

My favorite Grand Valley memory was being in all of the organizations that I was a member of made my time at Grand Valley.

Karen Kekelik '15

My best GVSU memory is meeting my best friend- Katarina Mannor (now Dean).

Hannah Witte '20

While completing my English major, I felt like I was not a good enough critical thinker and writer compared to my peers, but when I took a class with professor Kurt Bullock, he made me recognize that I actually excel in these areas.

DeMario Bell '16

The Presidents' Ball will forever be a favorite memory of mine because I loved how the GVSU community came together for a wonderful night of celebration, recognition, and school pride.

Ken Horne '11

I met the woman who is now my wife during my first year at GVSU. My favorite memory is proposing to her in the arboretum during our final year.

Christina McElwee '05 & '08

One of my favorite memories from Grand Valley was being a part of the GVSU Dance Troupe. I had never taken any type of organized dance classes prior but soon fell in love with the art of dance. I still dance both recreationally and competitively today.

Susan Howard '10 & '15

Between my undergrad classes, graduate classes, and interactions with faculty and staff campus-wide, I developed countless friendships and working relationships that I will always be grateful for.

Karen Kekelik '15

My favorite GV memory was the graduation toast with T.Haas.

Kristina Pepelko '12 & '19

My favorite Grand Valley memories were made by being a part of student organizations, especially the Humane Society of Grand Valley and the Student Environmental Coalition.

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