Alumni Spotlights


Lindsay (Kramer) Thompson '06

Getting through swim practice with my teammates and learning in the PE methods classes taught by Dr. Patti Rowe.

Jermale Eddie '03

One of my favorite memories at GVSU was when Redman and Method Man came to campus for a concert. Once the lights went off, we found out that almost every member of the Wu-Tang Clan was there.

Jordan Brown '13

Living in North B during my freshman year was truly a transformative experience for me. As I settled into the second floor, I found myself becoming part of an incredible community that felt more like family than just friends.

Zach Oborne '20

Besides networking with my CSAL Cohort, my favorite memory was competing in the Sawyer competition in 2018. The competition called for students to dress like a sawyer for an opportunity to be showcased at one of the games.

Russell Werra '16

My favorite memory at Grand Valley would have to be the many memorable friendships and relationships I was able to build given the nature of the welcoming environment set forth by the university.

Matthew D'Oyly '06

One of my favorite GVSU memories is the first snowfall, walking across the bridge and seeing the large blue art piece lightly covered in snow.

Pamela Besteman '96

During a winter practice for the Rowing Team, our coach had us play soccer on the Ski Hill. We had so much fun running up and down the hill, chasing the ball, tackling each other, and laughing our heads off while trying to beat our teammates.

Andy Beachnau '85

Adding lights to the Varsity and Intramural fields (play on Lakers!)

Manfred Tatzmann '70

The thrill of being on a new campus where Vietnam protests were as accepted as the traditional West Michigan values. Most important though is meeting my wife and developing lifelong friendships.

Deidre Butkus '10

Meeting some of my best friends and attending GVSU football games where we cheer on our Lakers!

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