Alumni Spotlights


Megan Damico '18

Spending Fall days at the Sustainable Agriculture Project taking care of the honey bee hives and harvesting vegetables.

Lindsey VanDenBoom '15

I can always recall memories of running in T. Haas on campus! He was like a celebrity when spotted on campus and carried such a positive light and energy that lit up the room.

Kraig Lee Whitmyer '18

My favorite memory of GVSU is enjoying my first Laker bowl celebration with my Freshmen roommates after our �Come Sail Away� jam session with T-Haas at the Fieldhouse.

Robert Zinger '12

I have fond memories of spending time in nature at GVSU while hiking the ravines for samples and measurements during the NRM course called The Climatic Factor as well as during the Rowing I course I finally got enrolled in my senior year.

Christine Pompa '06

I enjoyed a lot of great memories at Grand Valley but really loved joining Greek Life at GVSU, meeting lifelong friends while also continuing to give back and get involved in the community.

Brandon Erhart '13 & '20

There are too many to count. Some of my favorite memories are of how the campus community came together. The GVSU Lip-Dub video, the "Wrecking Ball" era and the Snowpocalypse of 2011 are some of my favorites.

Emily Miller '14 & '20

A favorite GVSU memory was creating and curating a student art show with my friend (also art teacher) Michelle Haapala. As art education majors, a final show was not part of our degree, but we wanted to show what our students could do.

Samantha Hardenburgh '03 & '05

Snow days were very scarce back when I was in college, but there was a winter where part of campus lost power in a blizzard. We played games by candlelight, went sledding and overall had a great time!

Emma Wallace '14

My favorite memories of GVSU are living in the Honors College dorms my freshmen year and all the new, lasting friendships I developed while living there, leading the Future Alumni Association and attending the CASE ASAP Conference at MSU with the e-board.

Lance Kibiloski '07

There were so many exciting moments being a new Freshman in college, and on top of that, the football was incredible on Saturday nights.

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