Alumni Spotlights


Olivia Brown '18

Being an RA on campus was such a fun time. Never a dull moment and SO many stories are still talked about. My best friends came out of that experience and we are still close now!

Jamie Timm '16

I remember having some of the very best professors and meeting some incredible people I still call friends.

Michael Peuler '77

As I was a military veteran and married when I entered GVSC, I was driven to excel in my education. The professors were excellent and I loved walking the then rough� campus, including ropes to assist on the sidewalks in the winter.

Stephanie Stacey '06

While attending GVSU, I lived on campus and had the opportunity to make lifelong friendships with my assigned roommates. Late-night Meijer, IHOP, and Steak n Shake runs will always make me smile.

Tiffany Clarke '09 & '11

I loved meeting my friends for lunch at the commons on Wednesdays each week. These meet ups included pizza and a lot of laughs!

Thomas Seffernick '14

One of my favorite memories I remember was the nights we spent in the editing suite trying to finish up our assignments.

Teresa Seidel '90 & '97

I joined the Grand Valley track team my second year of college. It brought me new friends and new experiences - so many amazing memories.

Joel James '12

Rushing to Mennas Joint for a fatty dub before class.

Melissa Bedell '07

Poker nights with friends in the ravines, followed by a long drive to East GR for late-night hotdogs.

Aaron Poirier '11 & '14

Moving into the dorms during freshmen year, meeting random strangers who have become lifelong friends.

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