How to Write a Thank You Note

A thank you note communicates not only your appreciation for the recent interaction you had with another person, but also that you are willing to act on your appreciation after reflection—a powerful message to send whether it is an email or handwritten. Follow these small steps to make a big impression:

  1.  Who are you writing to? Ex. Dear Mr. Farley:
  2.  What are you thanking them for? Ex. What a relief to meet you at the Career Fair—thank you for noticing that I was nervous while waiting in line.
  3.  Add a specific detail about why this was impactful. Ex. Looking around, I thought it was so obvious that I was a first-year student. It was reassuring when you said that employers think that is great initiative but I truly relaxed when you introduced me to the recruiter and helped me start a   professional conversation. I left Career Fair feeling excited—I couldn’t wait to tell my roommate who said I shouldn’t go.
  4.  Write a looking forward statement. Ex. Next time I attend a fair, I will still be nervous but also excited. I look forward to seeing you there.
  5.  Reiterate your thanks. Ex. Thank you Mr. Farley, I couldn’t have done that without you.
  6.  Proof-read, sign and send.

Page last modified November 10, 2021