Career Advising vs. Career Coaching: What's the difference?

You may have heard these terms used interchangeably but they are, in fact, different. The person/service you need will depend on where you are in your career and what type of support you are seeking.

Career Advisor

Career advisors can provide personalized advice and information regarding your career plan, conduct a practice interview, and share networking advice related to your internship or job search. Career advising appointments are typically up to fifty minutes in length and scheduled as needed. Advising is through the GVSU Career Center and is free of charge to alumni. 

  • We typically recommend meeting with a career advisor when you are 0 - 2 years post-grad.
  • An advising appointment will benefit you when you are looking to:
    • practice interviewing skills
    • brush up your resume and/or cover letter
    • identify entry-level opportunities in your interest area
    • develop your LinkedIn profile
    • connect with professionals. 
  • Make an appointment via Handshake

Career Coach

Career Coaching is a process of self-discovery and active goal-setting designed to help you create your own unique path to career success.  A career coach will gather information, ask important questions, and provide support, motivation, and accountability along the way. Career coaching appointments are more frequent and are typically determined by you and your coach (typically weekly or bi-weekly). Coaching is provided through an external company/provider. Your coach will charge a fee for their services. 

  • We typically recommend meeting with a career coach if you are 2 or more years post-grad.
  • Connecting with a career coach will benefit you when you are:
    • changing/pivoting in your career
    • looking to gain leadership skills
    • considering going back to school/furthering your education
    • looking for accountability
    • feeling stuck/looking for next steps
    • seeking advancement
    • desiring additional support through a career transition
  • Check out GVSU Career Coaching Database to get started (GV Alums receive a 10% or more discount on services offered by the individuals in our database)!

Page last modified March 19, 2024