Universal Supports Assessment and Planning Tool (USAPT) Online System

We are excited to launch the USAPT Online Assessment Tool! The purpose of the online system is to allow teams to enter their building data annually to identify areas of strength and needs and set priorities for improvement. The system will allow teams to compare graphed data across years, and a coach leader or administrator can view the USAPT data to identify broad areas of need to plan for training and coaching support. For example, a district, ISD, or RCN might identify team process as an area that is low across many buildings in the region and plan meeting mechanics trainings and follow up coaching to make gains in utilizing effective meeting strategies.

Here are a couple of ways you can use the tool:

1) Complete the USAPT online. The building coach will start the process by registering as a user and then complete the USAPT to get the assessment process going. The building coach will then invite team members to complete the USAPT online. Once the coach and building team members have completed the USAPT, the system will identify any discrepancies and cue you to go in and resolve those discrepancies. This is where the team will want to discuss their responses and come to a resolution. Once all discrepancies are resolved, the team will identify strengths and areas of need, then set  goals and activities to address priorities. Please note that even though the system is online and the coach and team members can complete the assessment separately, the discussion of the results and planning should occur as a team. Go Teams!

2) Complete the USAPT as a team offline, then enter the data online. If your team prefers to meet face to face and complete the process paper and pencil all together, no problem. The building coach can enter the completed USAPT data into the online system and view the graphed results.

Page last modified April 4, 2018