Parents and families are children’s first teachers and, in many respects, their most influential role models and motivators. There is growing acknowledgment of the critical importance of Family Engagement in leading to positive educational outcomes for students and families. Families taking an active role in their child’s education is important from pre-kindergarten through their secondary education, and beyond. START's commitment to prioritizing and promoting intentional Family Engagement is centered around the following five Core Values: 

  1. Families are central and critical to their child’s development and are essential members of their school teams.
  2. Effective communication and trusting relationships support the ability of families to access helping resources. 
  3. Family diversity is valued; differences in culture, language, and family structure are recognized as strengths.   
  4. Learning opportunities and supports are individualized, addressing student needs by embracing the skills, interests, and experiences of the student and family.
  5. Families and schools are partners in establishing high expectations that result in positive learning outcomes, building a foundation and vision for the future.

Note: Please note that language is alternated between person-first language (i.e., child with autism) and identity-first language (i.e., autistic child) on our website. We recognize that everyone’s experiences and perspectives are unique, and our goal is to show respect for all.

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