Coaching for Implementation of Evidence-based Practice (EBP)

In the START Project, coaching is how we support implementation of evidence-based practices such as differentiated output to access general education curriculum or specific practices such as self-management and visual supports. Each Intermediate School District can build a coaching structure with coach leaders and building coaches to ensure implementation of evidence-based practices for educating all students with ASD. Within the START Project, the steps to ensure the implementation of EBP include 1) establishing a coaching structure at the district and ISD level, 2) utilizing the CETA-R to assess use of practices and developing goals for improvement, and 3) increasing knowledge and use of evidence-based practices with students.

Be There For Each Other Through Coaching

This article originally appeared in START Connecting in November 2022. 

What is the key to high-performing teams, especially during times of physical and emotional exhaustion? According to Simon Sinek, “It’s their willingness to be there for each other.” At START, we view coaching as an important way to “be there for each other” as we work together to implement the evidence-based practices that are essential for students with autism and other support needs.

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Essential Foundations Bootcamp

The Effective Practices Leadership Initiative (EPLI) Essential Foundations Bootcamp will include an integration of the universal supports, behavioral practices, and instructional strategies from Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS), Educational Supports and Strategies, and other START training modules and resources. Content will be organized for flexible and customizable training and coaching needs. The Bootcamp is intended for EPLI Applicants, Inactive Trainers, Current Trainers, and Coach Leaders. 

The Bootcamp will consist of four days of content and coaching and two days of Trainer Days, which are collaborative days intended to strengthen training and presentation skills, for a total of six days. 

Coach Leaders are strongly encouraged to participate in the four days of content and coaching in the Essential Foundations Bootcamp.

Inclusion Tools

Use this "Caught Being Inclusive" printable to promote inclusion and belonging in your school(s) and district!

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