Teaching Supports and Strategies

K-12 Educational Supports and Strategies Module Materials

This module provides participants with a foundation of educational strategies that build upon the strengths of students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and lead to successful learning. Participants are provided an opportunity to experience ASD through sensitivity awareness activities which lead to a better understanding of the learning challenges for these students. Participants learn to provide curricular accommodations and modifications so students with ASD have access to appropriate grade-level curriculum. A framework for developing an individualized academic modification and grading plan for a student with ASD as well as practice in creating such a plan is provided.

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Differentiated Output Hierarchy

The differentiated output hierarchy is a systematic, organized approach to support student's active engagement in the general education curriculum. The differentiated output hierarchy supports the concepts defined in differentiated instruction.

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The START Project staff are identifying key characteristics impacting literacy for students with ASD and developing tools that may be helpful to supporting students. While students with ASD tend to demonstrate excellent word recognition and decoding skills, there are inherent challenges and impairment in the area of reading comprehension, often due to the fundamental characteristics of the disability. 

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Transitioning to a new school or classroom

Many students benefit from seeing and learning about the school before they show up on the first day. Ideas include making a video of the school and its rooms, complete with short interviews with new teachers and/or touring the school themselves and meeting teachers face to face. Students may enjoy reviewing brochures of the school, newsletters from the previous year, and/or looking at the school’s website. Scavenger hunts are also a good way for a student to explore the school and find people and places. 

Strategies to Support Teaching


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