The GVSU Alumni Relations office empowers Grand Valley alumni to achieve their lifelong learning and professional development goals. We connect, inform, engage, and support alumni throughout every stage of their life and career.

Alumni Newsletter Database

Communications Database

Manage a newsletter or social media accounts? Let us know! Gaining a better understanding of how GV alumni are being reached digitally will help us all craft better communications plans.

Classroom Support

File and List Request Form

To request alumni data.

Alumni Speaker Gift Request

Let us know if alumni spoke at your event or in your classroom and we'll provide a gift to give them!

Alumni Networks

Alumni Networks Website

View a current list of Alumni Networks, supported by the Alumni Relations office.

Webpages to Share with Alumni

Information Update Form

To share with alumni so they can update their information with Alumni Relations.

Laker Lifetime Learning

The hallmark of the university's new Laker Lifetime Learning commitment is $1,000 for alumni to use on future classes.

Alumni in 5

Alumni in 5 spotlights our outstanding alumni and the impact GV had on their lives. This form allows alumni to share their stories.

Alumni Owned Business

A directory intended to highlight and support the extraordinary accomplishments of our Alumni Owned Businesses.

Career Center

Whether alumni are looking to explore career options, advance in their current job, or make a career pivot, the Career Center has resources for them.


What’s next is changing daily and GVSU is making sure our alumni can move forward supported by options and opportunity.

Be a Laker Bring a Laker

Every Grand Valley alumni, parent, student, and faculty member knows someone who would benefit from a GVSU education. We can help them receive it.



Emma is the email marketing software to assist departments/offices with the creation and sending of email campaigns. Find more resources here.

GVSU Identity Standards

University Marketing provides tools to assist all those who create or disseminate materials.

Alumni Identity Standards

Trying to remember which way does the apostrophe go before the graduation year?

Web Team

Need help working in CMS? You'll find many resources here!

Short URL Creator

Want to create a pretty snazzy URL with fun statistics? Well, we want you to as well! Just go ahead and login above to get started.

University Photography

The University Communications photography team is happy to assist you with your various photography needs.

University Video Services

Please use this form to request event videography as well as to submit requests for videos to be produced by University Communications.


The Promotions Office offers many services including design and print, photography, video, advertising, social media, and more!

Beat Reporters
Did you know that University Communications has beat reporters who cover all areas of the university? Find out who your beat reporter is and help supply them with story content. 

Alumni Relations E-news Archive 

Use Alumni Relations E-newsletter stories for content or design ideas in your newsletter.


Grand Valley Magazine

A quarterly publication full of content for your newsletter, the Grand Valley Magazine features stories, campus news, alumni profiles and engaging photographs, bringing campus stories to life.

Horizons Archive

The GVU Foundation's newsletter reports on new directions and developments at Grand Valley. It is oriented to supporters and friends of the university.

Social Media

Social Media @ GVSU

Social media is a powerful communications tool. Visit this page and contact the GVSU Social team for guidance. 

GVSU Social Media Admins

A community for GVSU social media admins/managers to ask questions, share ideas and talk about trends and best practices.

Dropbox Assets Folder

This folder will continue to be updated with graphics for you to share on social media and in other promotions.

Alumni Giving Opportunities

Giving Form

To share with alumni when asking for financial gifts to the university.

Loyal Lakers

Alumni can join the Loyal Laker program, giving $10 per month to the fund(s) of their choice.

General Resources


To view the number of alumni we have in each state, as well as in each Michigan county.

2020 Alumni Survey Results

Learn more about what our alumni shared. Additional information is coming.

Annual Report

The Alumni Relations Annual Report provides a snapshot of our alumni and the ways we've helped them stay engaged during Fiscal Year 21-22.

Recorded Meeting - L3

The June 2020 CPAE Meeting focused on the Laker Lifetime Learning (L3) Commitment and how we can help spread the message to our alumni.

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