Alumni Relations Staff

The Grand Valley State University Alumni Relations team is an on-campus department located inside the Alumni House & Visitor Center

We strive to provide Grand Valley alumni with a sense of community and pride, as well as lifelong learning opportunities. We do this by engaging alumni with student support activities, social and professional development events, communications, ways to give, and academic resources.

Susan Proctor, '98 & '20

Susan Proctor, '98 & '20
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(616) 331-3595

Kyle Barnhart '14

Kyle Barnhart '14
Assistant Director, Alumni Engagement
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(616) 331-3589

Ronda Huster

Ronda Huster
Office Coordinator
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(616) 331-3590

Student Employees

Student Communications Assistant
I help alumni stay connected and informed about events happening at or associated with GVSU. I spend my day managing and editing communication materials such as e-newsletters, promotional emails, alumni webpages, and other alumni office publications. I am majoring in Advertising and Public Relations and with a minor in Management. I have worked with the GVSU Alumni Relations team since April, 2021. While employed here, I’ve gained experience working in a professional environment and completing stimulating job tasks. With these newfound skills, I feel confident about starting my future career!

Alumni House Student Assistant

Working as an Alumni Student Assistant, my job is to help out in all aspects of Alumni Relations. Here at the Alumni House I help staff members with any projects, work alumni related events, and help with entering data into our databases. I also answer emails and phone calls, send out membership cards, and assist any visitors who come by the house. I am a Political Science major along with a minor in English. One day I am hoping to be a political speech writer for a politician. I started working at GVSU Alumni Relations in August of 2021. Working here has been a joy so far and it has given me the opportunity to network, develop new skills, and further my knowledge and understanding of computer programs. By working here, I am able to be a part of the heart of GVSU and it allows me to expand my Laker Pride!

Student Graphic Designer

As the student designer, I create almost all of the graphics and designs put out by Grand Valley’s Alumni Relations! While working, I may produce a logo for an event, a t-shirt design, or any graphics needed for our website and social media pages! I major in graphic design with a minor in advertising and public relations. I started working with the GVSU Alumni Relations team in December of 2020. I am determined and incredibly eager to use my design skills to the best of my abilities for our university while gaining knowledgeable experience in the design field!

Alumni House Student Assistant

As a student assistant, my job includes entering updated information into our databases, mailing alumni membership cards, responding to emails, assisting visitors, and working alumni events. I am a Speech-Language Pathology major and my goal is to work in pediatrics at a hospital one day. I started working with the GVSU Alumni Relations team in September of 2021. Assisting GVSU alumni has helped me to gain experience with interpersonal skills and it has been extremely rewarding.

Student Social Media Assistant

I help manage the GVSU Alumni Relations social media accounts, assist in creating social media content, and engage with Laker alumni over social media. I am majoring in advertising and public relations with a minor in writing. I started working with the GVSU Alumni Relations team in August of 2021. I am excited to apply my skills to this position, while gaining experience with social media strategy, copywriting, and event promotion!



Alumni House Student Assistant

As a student assistant at the Alumni House, I do a lot of tasks. I check and answer emails, I update alumni information, I answer calls, I assist visitors and much more! Since the Alumni House is the first building you see when you enter Grand Valley, we are sometimes the first impression that potential students or parents get when figuring out where to go for a tour, or just asking a question about the campus in general. It is fulfilling to relate to others my experience at Grand Valley so far and be able to help them out, as I remember what it was like choosing a college and figuring out what to do after the decision. I am a double major in statistics and psychology with a minor in mathematics, so it is nice to work in a space that is both inviting and productive. Specifically, I enjoy working here to see how the data for alumni is stored and to learn more about working on a computer. I am excited to see how this job will build on my skills and help me in my future career!"