Alumni Relations Staff

The Grand Valley State University Alumni Relations team is an on-campus department located inside the Alumni House & Visitor Center

We empower Grand Valley alumni to achieve their lifelong learning and professional development goals. We connect, engage, and support alumni throughout every stage of their life and career.

Susan Proctor '98 & '20

Susan Proctor '98 & '20
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(616) 331-3595

Kyle Barnhart '14

Kyle Barnhart '14
Assistant Director, Alumni Engagement
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(616) 331-3589

Ashlyn McDonald headshot

Ashlyn Leavitt '20
Assistant Director, Event Planning and Volunteer Management
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(616) 331-3593

Abby McClure headshot

Abigail McClure '19
Alumni Relations Assistant
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Alex Priebe headshot

Alex Priebe
Assistant Director, Digital Engagement and Communications
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(616) 331-3591

Student Employees

Student Graphic Designer

As the student designer, my job is to make the graphics and designs for Grand Valley’s Alumni Relations. These include logos for events, t-shirt or sticker designs, and graphics for the Alumni website and social media pages. I am a graphic design major, and I started working with the GVSU Alumni Relations team in April of 2023. I am determined to work hard in order to help the team reach and connect with alumni. At the same time I approach my work as an opportunity to learn more about both the field of graphic design as well as designing within an established brand identity.

Alumni House Student Assistant

As a student assistant, my job includes entering updated information into our databases, mailing alumni membership cards, responding to emails, assisting visitors, and working alumni events. I am a Speech-Language Pathology major and my goal is to work in pediatrics at a hospital one day. I started working with the GVSU Alumni Relations team in September of 2021. Assisting GVSU alumni has helped me to gain experience with interpersonal skills and it has been extremely rewarding.

Alumni House Student Assistant

As an Alumni House Student Assistant, I answer the Alumni Relations email as well as manage the alumni database. I complete office tasks such as mailing, stocking, assisting with various projects, and anything else that is needed. I am an Economics major with hopes of continuing the graduate school at GVSU after I complete my undergrad. I am also on the Track and Field team at GVSU where I spend much of my time outside of my studies. I enjoy communicating with the vast alumni network we have here at GV, and I continue to learn valuable skills on functioning in a workplace in my time as a Student Assistant.

Alumni House Student Assistant

As a student assistant at the Alumni House, I do a lot of tasks. I check and answer emails, I update alumni information, I answer calls, I assist visitors and much more! Since the Alumni House is the first building you see when you enter Grand Valley, we are sometimes the first impression that potential students or parents get when figuring out where to go for a tour, or just asking a question about the campus in general. It is fulfilling to relate to others my experience at Grand Valley so far and be able to help them out, as I remember what it was like choosing a college and figuring out what to do after the decision. I am a double major in statistics and psychology with a minor in mathematics, so it is nice to work in a space that is both inviting and productive. Specifically, I enjoy working here to see how the data for alumni is stored and to learn more about working on a computer. I am excited to see how this job will build on my skills and help me in my future career!" 

Student Communications Assistant

As the Student Communications Assistant, I help alumni stay connected and informed about events happening at or associated with GVSU. I spend my day managing and editing communication materials such as e-newsletters, promotional emails, alumni webpages, and other alumni office publications. I am a sophomore at Grand Valley, and I am majoring in Marketing with a minor in Advertising and Public Relations. I have worked with the GVSU Alumni Relations team since August of 2022. While working here, I have gained valuable experience in a professional setting, and completing stimulating job tasks that I can utilize in my future career!

Student Social Media Assistant

As the Alumni House Social Media Student Assistant, I oversee the GVSU Alumni Relations social media accounts, assist in creating social media content, and engage with Laker alumni over social media. I love interacting with alumni and seeing all of the unique stories and great accomplishments. I am currently a sophomore majoring in Advertising and Public Relations with a minor in Studio Art. I started working with the GVSU Alumni Relations team in September of 2022. I love being able to communicate and interact with alumni through social media. Highlighting alumni successes, businesses, and life updates are extremely rewarding. While working with GVSU Alumni Relations, I have gained valuable experience in a professional setting which has been especially rewarding.

Alumni House Student Assistent

As a student assistant, my job includes responding to emails, answering the phone, assisting visitors, updating our alumni databases, and several other office tasks. I am currently an exploratory major in hopes to discover a field that I am passionate about. Working at the Alumni House has been extremely rewarding as it is helping me gain several soft skills that can be transferrable to any future career. I enjoy the opportunity to work in a professional setting and get to do work that is helping GVSU Alumni!

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