Brand University: Virtual Update June 2020

Presenters from University Marketing and University Communications brought attendees up to date on the evolution of ad campaign messaging from Laker Effect to Next is Now before, during, and after the pandemic stay-home order. Tools to address this year's money-saving print restrictions, as well as several other communications tools and initiatives were also discussed.

The links mentioned in the session, as well as the questions & answers from the live chat are listed below.

Brand U Virtual Presentation

Questions that were asked during the Brand U session.

How can we convince a supervisor to move to digital if they say this doesn't apply to us?

We can work with you on your specific situation. Please reach out to Rhonda Lubberts at [email protected]

Any change with Emma to allow us to utilize our unique college logos?

You can use your department logo in conjunction with the GVSU logo somewhere in the email. 


Any recommendations for tracking the effectiveness of messages on the Laker Hub?

Yes, use a unique URL in your announcement and check the analytics for that specific URL.  You can learn how to create a Unique URL in this instructional video. 

When will my department be upgraded to the new version of the academic program pages? (including the updated banner photo)

We started with Graduate Programs and are now working on Undergraduate Programs, which we plan to have finished this summer.

If we have graduate recruitment events, can they be added to the "Attend an Event" page? 

Yes! Please contact Rachel Van Den Broek, the Graduate Admissions Counselor, at [email protected] 

What was the name of the software that pulls statistics? Is that available through the CMS? 

The name of the software is EMSI. There are limited subscriptions available, so please reach out to Nick Viau at [email protected] to discuss. 

Who should I contact if I see outdated info in the viewbook? 

Please reach out to Jennifer Allard at [email protected]

Regarding the updated GVNext page, will the department news modules in the CMS be upgraded similarly


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