CMS Training Video

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CMS Training Video

A brief explanation of what you can expect in this CMS 101 video. 

CMS Home (Content Age, Problem Reports) 
Layout of the CMS homepage, content age, and what are problem reports. 

Vertical and horizontal menus, navigation Items, creating new pages.

All your pages are listed here. 

File Manager
The assets you upload to your CMS reside here

How to change headers, the size of header images, how to change headers. 

Creating Content
Creating new pages on the CMS 

Adding Pictures
Uploading pictures

Adding Videos
How to link and add videos

Understand what anchors are and how they work

Linking Facebook and Twitter
Learn how to link your Facebook and Twitter account. 

Adding a table to a page.

Fact Module
Using the fact module to add an icon to your page 

Adding a Google Map

The end! 

Page last modified September 30, 2019