Studio Art - BFA


Paired with their studio courses, students in the BFA degree have the opportunity to broaden their practice by integrating other areas of study at GVSU through a robust General Education program that prepares students for informed citizenship, leading to responsible participation in local, national, and global communities.


Why the BFA?

Focused Studies

The BFA focuses your studies in one of eight emphases areas.

Professional Preparation

The BFA is a professional degree, with two-thirds of the curriculum focused on the conception and study of visual arts.

Interdisciplinary Experimentation

The BFA curriculum is designed to allow you to engage with multiple modes of art practice while at GVSU.

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BFA Emphases Areas

Eight modes of practice for you to pursue a professional path in the arts.



Graphic Design


Jewelry and Metals






Visual Studies



Need Help Choosing an Emphasis?

We have some strategies that can help you.

Choosing a BFA emphasis


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