Studio Art - B.A. / B.S., Minor

These degrees combine intensive studio training in the visual arts with a liberal arts education. The degree curricula support students' acquisition of conceptual and technical skills while fostering an awareness of current issues, theoretical frameworks, and historical and cultural contexts for art production.

Degree Options

BA or BS - Studio Art

The B.A. and B.S. degrees emphasize breadth of experience in the visual arts with an elective component that allows students to achieve an intermediate level of competency in one or more areas. These programs are specifically formulated for the student who wants to combine art studies with another academic area.

B.A./B.S. in Studio Art - Information



Minor in Studio Art

The art minor offers students in other majors the opportunity to pursue their interest in the visual arts. Students take seven courses for the minor for a total of 24 credits.

Minor in Studio Art - Information




For questions about the Studio Art BA/BS or the Minor, please contact your faculty advisor.



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