Studio Art - B.A. / B.S.

The B.A. and B.S. programs emphasize breadth of experience over specialization in a single medium. Students complete a more diverse curriculum including coursework in two and three-dimensional disciplines.

Why the BA?

Great for Double Majors

Being a general studies degree, the B.A./B.S. is good for students who have a dual focus. If you wish to focus on studio practice while at GVSU, the B.F.A. will work best.

Broad Experimentation

The curriculum, content, and time requirements enable students to develop a range of knowledge, skills, and competencies expected of those holding a liberal arts degree in art/design.

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Request Information

For questions about the B.F.A. degree, please contact:

Vinicius Lima
Studio Art Coordinator
1119 Calder Arts Center
(616) 331-3119
[email protected]

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