Studio Art - Minor

The art minor offers students in other majors the opportunity to pursue their interest in the visual arts. Students take seven courses for the minor for a total of 24 credits




Required Foundation Courses


Studio Art Courses


Art History Courses


Course with "ART" Designation


Total Credits


Required Foundations Courses

Students must take the three courses below, for a total of 9 credits:

  • ART 151: Foundations: 3D Design (3 credits)
  • ART 153: Foundations: Making and Meaning in Art and Design (3 credits)
  • ART 155: Foundations: Introduction to Drawing I (3 credits)


Studio Art Courses

Students must take the following:

  • two courses at the 200 level or above, for a total of 6 credits
  • one course at the 300 level or above, for a total of 3 credits

Art History Courses

Students must take one Art History course at the 200-level or above, for a minimum of 3 credits.

Course with ART designation

Students must complete one course with an ART designation, for a total of 3 credits. Courses include:

  • A Studio Art Course at any level (pre-reqs may apply)
  • Other 100-level Foundations Courses
  • ART 101
  • Art History Courses at any level
  • Art Education Courses at any level

Minor Checklist


For degree requirement questions, please consult your academic advisor in the Department of Visual and Media Arts or the CLAS Advising Center.