Art Education - Careers & Alumni

Graduates of the Art and Design program possess knowledge, experience, and unique skills that are highly desirable and transferable, enabling them to seek employment in career fields both within and outside of the fine arts. Art degrees can lead to future work opportunities in a gallery, non-profit cultural organization, or museum.

Career Opportunities

Art Education (Art Ed.) graduates are prepared to teach in public and private schools, work in community arts and museum education programs, pursue graduate work and university teaching. Here are some possible career titles for the Art Ed. major:

  • Primary/ elementary teacher
  • Secondary/ middle/ high school art teacher
  • Art curriculum developer
  • Museum art educator
  • Arts and cultural planner
  • Arts administrator
  • Workshop consultant

Art Education Alumni

  • Becca Guyette (Schaub): Director of Educational Programs at UICA
  • Rosemary Haugen: Elementary K-4 Art Teacher, North Oakview Elementary
  • Mary Hall (Powell): Elementary Art Teacher, Traverse City Public Schools
  • Zyra Castillo: Edify Education Consultant, Kent ISD
  • Kelly Junis: Middle School Art Teacher, Greenville Public Schools



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